This is basically an excuse to flaunt my musical tastes, I admit it. And I know the cover art has too many fingers. I wasn't thinking when I drew it, but now I am too lazy to go back and fix it. HOWEVER the doodles on the track lists have the right amount of fingers for a troll, so I do know what I'm doing.

... Most of the time.

This soundtrack is composed of two discs, with twelve songs on each, all done with female vocals. Disc one is quieter and focuses on the girlier, more laid-back side of Brin, as well as falling in love. Disc two deals more with inward struggles, being accepted, fighting herself and her love, etc. It comes to a happy conclusion though.

I spent hours on the art, and 800x800 doesn't do it justice. Regardless - enjoy.
LOVER/LEAVER - a soundtrack )


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