wildgrowth: (won't put my hands up and surrender)

; all i really want is some patience

a way to calm the angry VOICE.

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amorine, becoming a druid, berserk button, big blue and beautiful, braai, cielya, compliment backfire, cute monster girl, defrosting ice queen, druids, elleiza, extraordinarily empowered girl, for the horde, gerron, gtfo, hero of the mag'har, hot blooded, i have no life, krage, mangore marauders, moonglade, my boyfriend's a cow, northrend sucks, oblivious to love, oh loa, omgihaveacrush, orc stomp!!!!!, priest, priestess, priestess smash, punch you in-the-dick, sindre, staff chick, tauren, tauren are pretty cool, the girls want her, the horde, the scourge sucks, thrall, trolls, tsundere, warcraft, well excuse me princess, wow, wow roleplay, zettai ryouiki
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