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i am a citizen of the planet

NAME: Brinztok
NICKNAMES: Brin, Troll, Brintroll, Brinstar
AGE: 26
DATE OF BIRTH: July 9th, 5 ADP

MARITAL STATUS: Engaged to Braai
SEXUALITY: Bisexual, male preference

OCCUPATION: Military nurse
CLASS: Druid (formerly priest)
BIRTHPLACE: Stranglethorn Vale
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Moonglade, Frostwall
PARENTS: Jombal, father
Mala'kai, mother
Braai, fiancé
Meisie, daughter (8/1/31 ADP)
Seun, son

NAME: Saffy
AGE: 26
AIM: heroic bsod
PLURK: fonfabre
{ brinztok
"No matter what 'appens, 'm right here. I'm right here beside you."
QUIRKS: Soft Barbadian accent, sometimes fidgety, can't cook
LIKES: Human food, fashion, good food
DISLIKES: Warlocks, running headlong into monsters, fighting in general
Brin is trouble. She doesn't look like it, though. Her bright blue skin is soft and taken-care of, aside from a few nasty scars across her abdomen, and her equally blue hair is cut and styled messily (fashionably!) around her pierced ears. Her robes range from the traditional priestess to voodoo to things her mother wouldn't be seen wearing, depending on her mood. Various charms hang from her belt, mostly glass beads and polished bone.

A bit of a conundrum, she is reserved at first, but quickly warms up to new people. She can be passionate about almost anything if you know how to press her buttons. It's a source of amusement for some to see how quickly a healer can turn to tirades and tantrums, for which she apologizes profusely afterward; her temper is something she can't seem to control no matter how much time she spends with druids. She never apologizes for her opinions, however, unless she's severely in the wrong. For all her boisterous and fiery nature, Brin is truly sweet and altruistic... even if she won't believe it.
BUILD: Overweight
HAIR: Teal blue
EYES: Gold
Brin has no access to her priest abilities and probably never will again because dual classing is overpowered.

FORCE OF NATURE. Brin can speak to plants and animals. Plants will do what she asks them to. It's like an extension of herself. As for animals, she can exert a calming effect over them, and sense their needs/desires. This is not quite the same as mind-reading.
SPIRITS BE WIT' YA. Brin has received training in how to speak to spirits and ghosts since she was small. She may be able to communicate with them.
HURRICANE. Brin can also manipulate the air to some extent via arcane energy. She can make cyclones or small storms with magic projectiles from the sky (a.k.a. Sunfire, Starfall, etc).
WILD GROWTH. Brin can heal everything from scratches to life-threatening wounds. She can also purge poison and mild illness. The worse the wound, the more it takes out of her. Healing multiple people also tires her out. Abusing this power is dangerous.
SHAPESHIFTING. A druid's main feature is shapeshifting! By speaking to the spirits of animals and earning their trust, she has been able to take their form at leisure. This ability is not temporary and it can free her from traps, but there are some restrictions. She can't speak very well while shapeshifted, she can't shapeshift while wearing heavy armor, and she can't shift between forms rapidly. She can assume a large cat form, bear form, and the form of a bat. None of them look at all natural; they're green and blue with tusks.
TROLL-BLOODED. Trolls heal at an exceptional rate. All but near-death wounds heal at least twice as fast as normal people. Magical healing helps, of course.
SEASONED WARRIOR. Brin has been tutored in hand-to-hand combat as well as swords, axes, daggers, and staves. She can hold her own in a fight long enough to get away. If it's an inexperienced opponent she may even be able to get the upper hand.
Brin's more the live-in-the-moment sort. She's not exceptionally famous, infamous, cursed, blessed, hunted, or desired. Her gifts lie in healing and even then she has to work twice as hard because she's trying to be a good druid and learning things backwards all over again is pretty hard to do.

Some other shit happened before she started her druid training. While most people were laying siege to Arthas' stronghold, Brin was trying to be a hippie. It didn't go over well with her guild at the time.

After boot camp for tsunderes, she has wholly devoted herself to being a druid. She's currently in Draenor helping with the war effort.