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&LOVER/LEAVER - not dialup friendly!

This is basically an excuse to flaunt my musical tastes, I admit it. And I know the cover art has too many fingers. I wasn't thinking when I drew it, but now I am too lazy to go back and fix it. HOWEVER the doodles on the track lists have the right amount of fingers for a troll, so I do know what I'm doing.

... Most of the time.

This soundtrack is composed of two discs, with twelve songs on each, all done with female vocals. Disc one is quieter and focuses on the girlier, more laid-back side of Brin, as well as falling in love. Disc two deals more with inward struggles, being accepted, fighting herself and her love, etc. It comes to a happy conclusion though.

I spent hours on the art, and 800x800 doesn't do it justice. Regardless - enjoy.

♫ Ice - Sarah McLachlan {download?}
i think you worried for me then
the subtle ways that i'd give in but i know
you liked the show

♫ Serenade - Kate Covington {download?}
when trouble falls upon me like rain
when the world becomes what they call a lonely place
you carry me through
from dreary skies the sun breaks through

♫ Christmas Lights - Nina Gordon {download?}
what if I look to the sky
and check out the stars
how they shine in to your eyes
they're just like mine
searching the darkness for some kind of sign

♫ Just a Ride - Jem {download?}
slowly, oh so very slowly
accept that there's no getting off
so live it, just gotta go with it
'cause this ride's never gonna stop

♫ Extraordinary Way - Conjure One {download?}
you turn to me and say, "i believe in this"
that makes me lucky
god, i'm lucky, so much luckier than i ever thought i'd be

♫ A Sight to Behold - Eisley {download?}
and how does one approach this
when all our past loves have let us down

♫ Closing In - Imogen Heap {download?}
is it safe now?
will your arms be open?
i just have to kiss you --
try and stop me

♫ Boats and Birds - Gregory and the Hawk {download?}
if you'll be my boat, i'll be your sea
depth of pure blue to provoke curiosity
ebbing and flowing, and pushed by a breeze
i live to make you free
i live to make you free

♫ My Skin - Natalie Merchant {download?}
i've been treated so wrong
i've been treated so long
as if i'm becoming untouchable

♫ And So I Pray - Jem {download?}
can't believe the irony
the thing i wanted is killing me
all the happy smiles I miss
didn't think it would be like this

♫ World On Fire - Sarah McLachlan {download?}
i watch the heavens and i find a calling
something i can do to change this moment

♫ Harbor - Vienna Teng {download?}
you've got a journey to make
there's your horizon to chase
so go far beyond where we stand
no matter the distance
i'm holding your hand

♫ 2-1 - Imogen Heap {download?}
i'm dying to know, to help make some sense of it all
i'm dying to know, tell me is it my fault?

♫ Say It Right - Nelly Furtado {download?}
i can't say that i'm not lost and at fault
i can't say that i don't love the light and the dark
i can't say that i don't know that i am alive

♫ We Are - Ana Johnsson {download?}
you wash your hands and come out clean
fail to recognize the enemies within
you say we're not responsible
but we are

♫ Citizen of the Planet - Alanis Morissette {download?}
i am a citizen of the planet
my laws are all of attraction
my punishments are consequences
separating from source the original sin

♫ Suffragette - Nina Gordon {download?}
you cannot fight me
you don't have to like me
you don't even know me yet
don't try to break me
you can't take me

♫ Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self - Pink {download?}
oh don't lose your passion or the fighter that's inside of you
you're the girl i used to be
the pissed-off complicated thirteen year old me

♫ So Unsexy - Alanis Morissette {download?}
i can feel so unsexy for someone so beautiful
so unloved for someone so fine
i can feel so boring for someone so interesting
so ignorant for someone of sound mind

♫ Control - Poe {download?}
you thought you could keep me from loving
you thought you could feed on my soul
but while you were busy destroying my life
what was half in me has become whole

♫ Shakedown - The Start {download?}
beautiful people tell you what to wear
and who to be
and what to buy
it's time to leave it all behind

♫ Daylight Robbery - Imogen Heap {download?}
wade in the sonic joy
pleasure the wave and synchronize
sway in the sonic joy

♫ White Flag - Dido {download?}
i'm in love and always will be